ep.lgb.hu :: eprimo - EP-Primo - Primo emulator for Enterprise-128

This is an attempt to emulate Primo computer (a Z80 based - U880 - 8-bit Hungarian home computer) on Enterprise-128.


Not so much information here yet, just some download link:


Short TODO list

  • A48 emulation does not work currently (it should even now!)
  • A64 emulation? (it needs major reconstruction of the emulator though)
  • Missing file I/O
  • At least software level control of "audio" should be emulated
  • Screen background is blue, it's not a bug, but a debug feature :)
  • NMI is not "emulated" at all
  • Screen matrix mapping is buggy
  • No video page feature, only a fixed one (which is normally used by BASIC).


  • EXOS interrupt is not disabled during the emulation (note the clock on the screenshot)!
  • Keyboard emulation with ROM patches
  • Direct video emulation with Nick LPIXEL mode
  • Primo A32 and A48 emulation (A48 does not work currently and disabled though)

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